A-plus School of Motoring


When you sit your Driving Test the examiner will ask you to complete any 1 from the 3 reversing manoeuvres listed below.


These manoeuvres are marked on two things only:


f you have watched the DSA DVD "are you ready?"

Then you will know that all three of these manoeuvres are contained in the top 10 reasons for failing your Driving Test section:

TURN IN THE ROAD is quoted as the 9th most common test fail.

THE LEFT OR RIGHT REVERSE is placed in 7th.

THE REVERSE PARK EXERCISE is placed highest, and is the 2nd most common serious fault exhibited by learners on test.

If you consider that the manoeuvres only make up around 10% of the actual test, yet account for 30% of the top 10 reasons for failing the test, it shows that these manoeuvres cannot be taken lightly.

However, given their simplicity, these pre-set routines should offer very little challenge to the well trained pupil.

If you decide to train with A-PLUS School of Motoring then you will be taught techniques which are 100% effective for all of the manoeuvres.

I will also supply every pupil that I train with a manoeuvre sheet.

This A4 printed sheet details exactly how to do each manoeuvre; including points of turn, and when and where to look.
If these techniques can be learned in the pupils own time, when they are asked to complete a manoeuvre, if they have learned the sheet and can run through it in their head, then it is the exact same as being given a full talk through by the instructor.

By test standard all of the pupils that I present will have well advanced car control skills, so the only thing that can cause failure is the information on how to actually complete the manoeuvre successfully; hence the sheet.
If pupils can learn these manoeuvres outwith their lesson times, then more time on lessons can be devoted to the driving task; which makes up 90% of the test that they will take.
As their confidence builds on the manoeuvres most pupils quickly realise that unless they deviate from the sheet, then they will simply not fail their test on a manoeuvre.
I have been using this manoeuvre sheet since I qualified in 1999 and I have found it to be an invaluable teaching aid in that time.

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