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A-plus School of Motoring


If you do decide to train with A-plus School of Motoring, there will be no gimmicks to tempt you in, just top class instruction from your initial assessment lesson until you pass your test, (usually 1st time for my pupils).

All of the pupils that I teach follow the DSA recommended syllabus as part of a highly structured learning programme during their training.
This structured learning from the very first lesson ensures that by test standard it is hopefully harder for the pupil to make a mistake than it is to carry out the task correctly.
A progress record will be kept in the car for each pupil and will be updated after each lesson so that the pupil knows exactly where they are within their course of lessons at all times.
When training with a grade 6 instructor you can be certain that all learning opportunities will be explored to the full in order to engender maximum learning within the pupil. I will also strive to get each and every pupil to a safe driving standard and through their driving test in as short a time as possible.
The time it takes to pass the driving test depends upon the ability of the pupil, so each and every pupil will be taught at the specific rate at which they are capable of learning.

Many pupils have a fear of the manoeuvres due to the reversing element and to help overcome this fear I have developed techniques which are 100% effective for all of the manoeuvres. I also supply each pupil with a printed sheet detailing exactly how to carry out all of the manoeuvres perfectly which includes all the points of turn and where and when to look. I have found this to be an invaluable teaching aid over the years, (for more info visit manoeuvres in main menu).

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