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A-plus School of Motoring


As well as training new instructors, I am also available to offer assistance to fully qualified driving Instructors wishing to better prepare for their periodic Check Tests, or who may simply wish to improve their teaching and instructional skills by undertaking further coaching sessions with an ORDIT registered trainer.
Check test training will be tailored to the individual needs of the instructor and will be delivered on a one to one basis; so whether it's your first check test or your tenth, please be aware that all check tests are now marked to the same exacting standards as the part 3 qualifying exam.
The DSA are also looking to release information on every individual instructor's further qualifications and grading to the general public via a star rating system in the not too distant future.

Therefore, it really is very important that all instructors achieve as high a grading as possible on their periodic check test as an unsatisfactory grading could have far reaching consequences if the DSA decide to make this information available to the general public.

Since 2004 I have helped many Driving Instructors to improve both their teaching skills and their grading on their periodic check test and I continue to find check test training to be a hugely enjoyable experience.
Any instructor who undertakes any form of retraining, whether it be check test related, or to simply keep up to date with their CPD (continuing professional development), will receive a signed certificate detailing the work undertaken which will count towards any future CPD requirements.

So why not kill two birds with the one stone and Improve your teaching skills whilst gaining a head start on the rewarding path of CPD before it becomes compulsory.

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